Thinking of elder Jia 想起贾爷爷 (2018)
for mixed ensemble

[ autofocus ] (2018)
for string quartet

r o c o co (2018)
for string quartet

the caged bird sings… (2018)
for mezzo-soprano, oboe and horn

Tari Ratoh Jaroe (2018)
for saxophone quartet

repose III (2018)
for baroque chamber ensemble (flexible)

for flute, clarinet, tenor sax., guitar, viola and cello

repose I (2017)
for baroque flute, viola and harpsichord

Technically Dancing (2017; in progress)
for wind quintet

kinetic (2016)
Four studies for string quartet

Quintet (2012)
for trombone, vln., vla., vc. and cb.

雨后 After Rain (2011)
for guitar, pipa and yangqin